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Leathers and Craftmanship

Journey of 21 Days: How LUKURE Shoes Are Made

The Selection of Materials 

The journey begins with the concept, design, and, of course, a meticulously curated selection of the finest materials—whether it's the upper, lining, sole, crystals, or accessories that adorn the shoes. Our leathers are purchased in natural, undyed form from premier Italian tannery partners. Primarily, we source from an LWG (Leather Working Group) Gold certified tannery renowned for sustainability and the highest quality Italian leather production.

Our Choice of Specific Leathers 

We specialize in crafting beautiful and comfortable shoes using responsibly sourced kangaroo  leather and deerskin, renowned for their lightness and suppleness.  Kangaroo leather, exceptionally thin and soft, is highly resilient and more abrasion  resistant than traditional cowhide. Deerskin is sumptuously soft with large grain patterns. Both leathers conform beautifully to your body's unique shape, ensuring each step you take is lighter and more comfortable than ever before.

*Both kangaroo and deer leathers are only sourced under strictly regulated trades, as both animals become overpopulated in their natural habitat. Occasional marks on their leathers are not flaws, but highlights of their freedom in nature. For more details, please visit “Our Story.” 

Organic hand-painting 

Every pair of LUKURE shoes offers a bespoke experience, individually hand-painted (colored) with unique, subtle nuances. At LUKURË, our leathers are dyed using aniline, a transparent organic compound, blended with various color dyes to achieve our iconic shades and hues that gracefully develop a distinguished patina over time.

Expressing colors through layers 

Layer by layer, our artisans dedicate hours to hand-paint (color) each shoe. The rich depth and contour expressed through this Anticatura technique—where color polishes are meticulously applied in multiple layers—is reminiscent of the vibrant colors, intricate detailing, and enduring beauty found in Italian frescos (we dare say). We take pride in preserving the longstanding tradition of Italian craftsmanship and invite you to experience it firsthand.

Slowly hand-stitched 

Most of our classic designs feature soft leather soles that are incredibly lightweight and flexible enough to bend. Each sole is hand-stitched to the upper with carefully crafted ergonomic insoles. This extensive hand-stitching process allows attention to detail ensuring that LUKURË shoes conform perfectly to your feet for maximum comfort.


Let us be a part of your journey 

Each pair of LUKURË takes up to 21 days to make, from cutting the leather to placing the finished pair in our signature maroon-colored shoebox. Our commitment to the finest materials, Italian craftsmanship, and sustainability will continue with each new collection. We hope you will enjoy wearing LUKURË shoes as they accompany you on your journey ahead.

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